Monday, February 26, 2024
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Internet use

Global Internet Bandwidth Rose by 28% in 2022 – New Research

TeleGeography, a global telecommunications market research and consulting firm, has found that global internet bandwidth rose by 28% in 2022, now standing at 997 Tbps with a four-year CAGR of 29%. The firm forecasts that the Pbps era will soon be...

Zimbabweans look to Internet for truth

Zimbabweans are starting to explore the freedom to information provided by mobile Internet access. This is one of the findings of the latest Zimbabwe All Media Products and Services Survey (ZAMPS) which showed that 24 percent of adults living...
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Latest News

How is technology revolutionizing payment reconciliation for retailers?

As retailers expand into mid-market and beyond, the manual reconciliation of payments becomes increasingly complex and costly. With hundreds...
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