Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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Internet Speeds Africa

Google’s Equiano Subsea Cable Makes New African Landing

Google's Equiano subsea internet cable, which seeks to connect Europe to Africa via the ocean, has made a new landing in Africa en route to its final destination of Cape Town, South Africa. According to an announcement made yesterday, the...

ICYMI: Google’s Undersea Cable Finally Lands in Nigeria

Late last week, Google announced that its Equiano undersea cable, which successfully landed in Togo last month, has arrived in Lagos, Nigeria, marking the cable’s second stop along Africa’s Atlantic coast. Back in 2019, when Google introduced Equiano, the company...

Africa’s Top Ten Countries Ranked by Internet Speed in 2021

Internet and connectivity speed tester Ookla last month released its global market analysis, ranking all countries in terms of fastest mobile and fixed broadband internet speeds. Countries are ranked based on their Speed Score, which incorporates a measure of each...
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Unlocking Cybersecurity: Veeam’s Ian Engelbrecht on Public Sector Cyber Defense

In today's rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape, the public sector faces unique challenges in safeguarding its infrastructure and data. Unlike...
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