Saturday, February 24, 2024
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International Space Station

WATCH: SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Astronauts Enter International Space Station

SpaceX's new Crew Dragon capsule successfully docked with the International Space Station, bringing the companies first crew to the orbiting platform. The crew's arrival completes another part for SpaceX's first crewed mission with the Crew Dragon, which successfully blasted...

Rwanda set to launch telecom satellite sooner than expected

Two years ago in 2017, Rwanda announced for 2020, the launch in space of its first telecommunications satellite. But it is finally this year that the telecom equipment will be propelled into orbit from the international space station, the Ecofin Agency...

South African satellite to launch from International Space Station

A nanosatellite designed and built in South Africa will be launched early next year from the International Space Station as part of a European Commission research project. Managed by SCS Aerospace Group, South Africa’s biggest private satellite concern it will...
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Latest News

How Much Data Does Streaming Use?

Video streaming is the next big thing in the entertainment business. More consumers are developing a preference for streaming...
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