Friday, April 12, 2024
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International Energy Agency

How is technology reshaping the oil and gas industry’s approach to methane emissions?

The COP28 launch of the Oil and Gas Decarbonization Charter (OGDC) highlighted the global commitment to combat climate change in the oil and gas sectors. With over 50 companies signing, including major National Oil Companies, the charter aims to...

Activist Groups Call for Shell to Stop Oil Extraction in Nigeria

Africa Network for Environment and Economic Justice (ANEEJ) in collaboration with other Climate Justice Activist groups has called on Shell Petroleum Development Company to stop oil extraction in Nigeria. The activist groups have also reportedly called on the company's investors...

Africa’s bumpy road to sustainable energy

For years, Kenyans freely used and disposed of plastic bags. The bags were ubiquitous—in the markets, in the gutters, and in the guts out of 3 out of every 10 animals taken to slaughter. Nakuru, a town northwest of Nairobi,...
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Boosting Financial Institutions data resilience with AI

Data centers play a vital role for banks and financial institutions by providing dependable and swift connectivity and processing...
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