Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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Uganda: Infocom upgrading Kampala’s International Internet gateway

Owned by Liquid Telecom, Ugandan operator Infocom has revealed that it is set to perform a major upgrade on its international internet gateway. According to the company, it has installed technology that is able to provide 16 times more...

Uganda: Liquid Telecom to invest UGX 2 billion into Infocom

Liquid Telecom is set to invest UGX 2 billion in its Ugandan subsidiary Infocom. The reason for the move is to extend its infrastructure across Kampala's Central Business District and to multiple rural towns across Uganda, including Mukono, Jinja,...

Liquid Telecom strengthens East African fibre network

Liquid Telecom has announced significant improvements to its fibre network along the East African coast which have already reduced congestion, improved connectivity and resulted in the lowest latency rates on the African continent. Since its acquisition of Kenya Data Networks;...
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Elevate Your Mobile Experience with AI-Powered Self-Service

Piceasoft has expanded its Picea® Online mobile circularity platform with AI-supported self-service device diagnostics and troubleshooting capabilities. Currently piloting these new...
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