Thursday, June 13, 2024
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hybrid IT

Huawei unveils ShapeCloud Data Centre Integration Solution

Huawei recently unveiled the "ShapeCloud" data centre at the 2018 OTF conference. This a integration solution to help customers build a data center that requires on-demand construction, unified management and ecological convergence. The digital revolution is undertaking over the world. All...

Hyperscaling Africa’s ability to digitally transform through the power of the data centre

Digital transformation is reshaping every industry and sector, because of agile technologies like software defined data centres. Companies are moving their workloads into the cloud due to aging infrastructure and escalating costs, with many of these cloud computing services...

2016: The Year the Branch Router will R.I.P

2015 will likely be seen as the year when enterprises pushed aside their fears of cloud computing. Over 70 per cent of companies now utilise cloud-based applications and services, according to Gartner and the Harvard Business Review, although these...
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Advanced fuel Voucher Solutions to Upgrade Fleet Management

Payment24, a premier provider of advanced payment, loyalty, and fuel management solutions, proudly announces the launch of its fuel...
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