Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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home security

Get smart about home security over the festive season

We’ve reached that point in the year when the only thing that’s top of mind for everyone is packing up and heading out for the holidays. Given how challenging 2017 has been for businesses and individuals alike, the level...

New scam uses Windows Live ID to capture information

According to Kaspersky Lab, experts are warning of a new scam that uses Windows Live ID as bait to catch personal information stored in user profiles on services like Xbox LIVE, Zune, Hotmail, Outlook, MSN, Messenger and OneDrive -...

Are smart homes becoming easy prey for hackers?

While the increasing use of home automation technology to create your version of a ‘smart house’ may be all the trend and seem practical, Richard Keymer Head of Pre-sales at SecureData Africa warns of the flipside in that once...
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Latest News

R500 Million to Expand Broadband in Townships & Rural Areas

This financial year, Vodacom Eastern Cape plans to invest R500 million as part of its larger digital inclusion strategy...
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