Tuesday, March 5, 2024
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Half-Life 3

Valve Takes on Nintendo with New Steam Deck Gaming Handheld

Video game mega-publisher and developer Valve has announced its long-rumoured Nintendo Switch-like handheld gaming device - the Steam Deck. https://twitter.com/Steam/status/1415718021469925378 Said to begin shipping in December, the device will retail at $399, around $49 more than the new Nintendo Switch OLED...

Starcraft: Ghost Resurfaces in Playable Form Since 2005 Cancellation

In the halls of “What Could Have Been”, up there with titles like 2017’s Scalebound and the now-infamous Half-Life 2: Episode 3, Blizzard Entertainment’s Starcraft: Ghost features forefront in the memories and imaginations of gamers since its trailer dropped...
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Top 5 Apps for Livestreaming the 2024 SA Elections

The 2024 elections are anticipated to be a momentous event in South Africa's history, sparking interest and excitement both...
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