Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Ghana internet

Why Africa Urgently Needs Affordable Broadband Internet, Especially Now

The director of Technology, Climate Change and Natural Resources Management at the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), Jean-Paul Adam, told journalists during a virtual press briefing on 10 June 2020 that Africa contributes less than 1% to the world’s...

Ghana: Operators spend GHS 80 million to fix fibre cables

Ghana's telecom companies have spent over GHS 80 million in the last three years in order to repair fibre-optic cables. According to the companies, these cables have been damaged through a variety of unspecified activities.The number of fibre-cuts in...
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Don’t Fall Victim: 5 Tips to Avoid Tap-to-Pay Scams

The alarming rise in tap-to-pay scams that are plaguing South Africa. A recent report from the South African Banking...
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