Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Gaming Gadgets

Valve Takes on Nintendo with New Steam Deck Gaming Handheld

Video game mega-publisher and developer Valve has announced its long-rumoured Nintendo Switch-like handheld gaming device - the Steam Deck. Said to begin shipping in December, the device will retail at $399, around $49 more than the new Nintendo Switch OLED...

5 Must-Have Gadgets for Mobile Gamers

One of the fastest-growing and highest-grossing industries on the planet, mobile gaming is exploding as gamers across the Earth unite in their hand-held passion. It's a faster, cheaper way to play games, and to do it with friends as more...
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How to Protect Children Online: 9 Tips for Parents & Teachers

South Africa's youth and young adults are now navigating a new digital landscape that exposes them to predators, offensive...
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