Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Gamification South Africa

Can Gaming Transform the Way We Learn?

Generation Z is rapidly stepping onto the world stage. They are graduating from high school, entering the workforce, and studying at tertiary education institutions. Referred to as digital natives, this generation grew up with technology and has no knowledge of...

The 5 Digital Trends Transforming Higher Education in Africa

Pandemic life has resulted in a rapid shift to digitisation, most notably in the education sector. This has meant that teachers, students and parents had to acclimatise to remote e-learning via digital platforms. As a result, traditional face to face teaching...

Sanlam Using Gamification to Teach Kids to Save Through “First-of-its-Kind” App

Sanlam has launched an interactive app that introduces children to the wonder of saving. The company said that its new free, first-of-its-kind app helps children start a journey of financial confidence by teaching them "savvy saving habits." In the app, young...
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Youth Month Centre Tour 2024: Harambee

In honor of Youth Month, Harambee hosts a media tour at their center in Johannesburg, South Africa. A tour...
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