Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Gamification News

Can Gaming Transform the Way We Learn?

Generation Z is rapidly stepping onto the world stage. They are graduating from high school, entering the workforce, and studying at tertiary education institutions. Referred to as digital natives, this generation grew up with technology and has no knowledge of...

Sanlam Using Gamification to Teach Kids to Save Through “First-of-its-Kind” App

Sanlam has launched an interactive app that introduces children to the wonder of saving. The company said that its new free, first-of-its-kind app helps children start a journey of financial confidence by teaching them "savvy saving habits." In the app, young...

Take Control of Your Company’s Digital Transformation – Register for #DTF2021

Change is Inevitable Digital transformation is as inevitable as the passage of time. The new will replace the old, as the axiom goes. Business leaders and company executives must evolve their organisations, or risk extinction in the future when attempting...
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Social Media Erupts Over Miss SA Contestant’s Nationality

The Miss South Africa (Miss SA) contest has always been a celebration of beauty, intelligence, and cultural diversity. However,...
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