Friday, June 21, 2024
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G Data

Cyber crooks eye Android

In a short space of time, Android has claimed the lion’s share of the mobile market - in fact more than 900 million Android mobile devices have now been activated. Unfortunately, this popularity has put a large target on...

Darwin’s theory applies to malware

G Data’s newest Malware Report shows a new and unexpected development in malware: the extreme growth of new malicious programs seems to be slowing down. Granted, the antivirus industry still needed to develop 1,381,967 new virus signatures to detect and...

Forget zero-day protection, look for zero-hour security

Online banking fraud is causing hundreds of millions in damages worldwide and this number is on the rise. Awareness campaigns are rendering phishing attacks less successful, but cyber criminals have already found ways to make up for this fact. Intelligent...
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Latest News

AIEN Welcomes Shakwa Nyambe as New President-Elect

Shakwa Nyambe, Managing Partner of SNC Incorporated, has been named President-Elect of the Association of International Energy Negotiators (AIEN)...
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