Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Free Covax COVID-19 Vaccines

AstraZeneca Promises 2 Million Additional COVID-19 Vaccines to Ghana

Ghana is expected to receive an additional two million AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines by the end of May, on top of the already promised 600,000 COVID-19 vaccines from Covax - this would aid the country's mission to vaccinate around 20...

Ghana Set to Receive Free Covax COVID-19 Vaccines

Ghana is set to receive 600,000 COVID-19 vaccines from Covax. After a year of disruptions and more than 80,700 Ghanaians getting infected with the virus, the path to recovery for the people of Ghana is expected to finally begin. "We...
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AI’s Impact on Ransomware Threats: Hype vs Reality

It might be the great paradox of 2024: Artificial Intelligence (AI). Everyone’s bored of hearing it but can’t stop...
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