Thursday, July 25, 2024
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FNB Retail

FNB Announces Fuel Relief Incentives Ahead of Another Petrol Price Hike

First National Bank (FNB), one of the biggest banks in South Africa, has announced additional eBucks incentives to help its customers offset the impact of high fuel prices which are set to take off from 1 July until 30...

Over Half a Million More Customers Qualify for eBucks, FNB Says

FNB says an additional 525,000 customers will be eligible to earn eBucks when its annual earn rules and account pricing becomes effective from Wednesday (1 July 2022). Monthly account fees for FNB customers who use FNB Easy Zero and FNB...

Middle-Income Consumers Spend Up to 80% of their Monthly Salary in 5 Days, FNB says

FNB, one of the largest banks in South Africa, estimates that it takes an average of 5 days for a middle-income consumer to spend up to 80% of their monthly salary. This suggests that the average middle-income consumer, earning...
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Latest News

Bolt Unveils New Safety Enhancements in South Africa

Bolt is introducing a rider verification function that allows its South African customers to self-verify. As part of this in-app...
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