Friday, March 1, 2024
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Investigation points to three new Flame-related malicious programs

Kaspersky Lab announces the results of new research related to the discovery of the sophisticated nation-state sponsored Flame cyber-espionage campaign. During the research, conducted by Kaspersky Lab in partnership with International Telecommunication Union’s IMPACT, CERT-Bund/BSI and Symantec, a number...

Not yet going down in Flame – why we still need anti-virus solutions

In the wake of the discovery of Flame, the most complex and sophisticated known cybercrime attack to date that was undetected for approximately two years, an article published by Technology Review boldly proclaimed that the anti-virus era is over....

Espionage fanning the Flame of cyber crime

African countries are not immune to the activities of cyber criminals and should take cognisance of the threat represented by the Flame virus, one of the more sinister forms of attack in existence globally. Security software experts describe Flame as a...
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Ericsson & MTN Collaborate for Digital Skills & Sustainability

Ericsson and MTN Group have unveiled a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at the Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2024 in...
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