Friday, June 14, 2024
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Family Cybersecurity Tips

Festive Cybersecurity: A Guide for Parents and Kids

When it comes to ensuring online safety for children, avoiding panic and fearmongering is crucial. While there are real risks in various online spaces, empowered parents with the right information and cybersecurity tools can enhance their children's protection. This...

4 Tips to Protect Your Family Online

A recent survey revealed that 51.5% of South African children have been cyberbullied. “The reason for this is the increase in connected societies, more and more people are online, especially the youth,” says Simon Campbell-Young, co-founder and VP of global...
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Latest News

Can Facial Biometrics Recognize You with Appearance Changes?

Will face mapping still recognise you if your features change?  When it comes to proving your identity online, Face ID—also...
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