Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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fake mobile phones

How to tell if your Smartphone is the real deal

Counterfeit goods have become an increasingly worrying problem in Africa. Not only is the clothing industry suffering from the scourge of counterfeit goods, but the Electronics industry has also been under fire. Consumers who purchase a smartphone device from unauthorised dealers...

Nigeria: Government to terminate 12 million fake devices

The Nigerian government has said that it is in the process of ordering telecom companies, across the country, to effectively place a kill order on over 12 Million counterfeit mobile devices using telecom networks in the country. The mobile devices...

CCK backtracks on fake phones

The Communication Commission of Kenya (CCK) has backtracked on its earlier directive that all operators should switch off subscribers using fake mobile phones and has instead called for more time for further consultations with stake holders. Although the regulator insists...
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How to Protect Children Online: 9 Tips for Parents & Teachers

South Africa's youth and young adults are now navigating a new digital landscape that exposes them to predators, offensive...
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