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  • Retailers see triple-digit gains

    Retailers see triple-digit gains

    February 24, 2019 • RetailComments Off on Retailers see triple-digit gains

    Thirty-five percent of shoppers feel today’s brands do not care enough about personalising their shopping experiences. However, when retailers do invest in personalisation it pays. This is according to a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study conducted by...

  • Top 3 opportunities to grow small South African businesses in 2019

    Empowering businesses to transform digitally

    September 17, 2018 • GeneralComments Off on Empowering businesses to transform digitally

    The world has gone digital is a term we hear far too often nowadays, but it’s not exactly true. It is true that the world is transforming, but there is an increasing distinction between those who are leading the change and profiting from it, and those who...