Monday, July 22, 2024
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This Startup Puts Tech in Teachers’ Hands to Change Student Lives

There is a persistent issue when it comes to the lack of education and how it contributes to the cycle of poverty, especially in underdeveloped areas of the world. According to UNESCO, more than 617-million children worldwide are lacking knowledge...

SMS Solutions Could Be Essential for an Inclusive Business Strategy

South African companies must take care not to inadvertently deepen the existing digital divide. Although COVID-19 and related lockdowns have accelerated a growing trend towards the digital economy such as artificial intelligence, in an unequal society such as South...

Top 4 Most Trending Stories – Week in Review

As this week comes to a close we take a look at the stories that resonated most with our readers. This week, internet speed and connectivity tester Ookla released its global market analysis reports, ranking the fastest internet service providers...
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6 Best Time Tracker Apps for Freelancers

A time tracker app allows freelancers to properly monitor the time they spend on a client's project. You can...
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