Saturday, July 13, 2024
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eCommerce Habits

eCommerce Surges by 139% Amidst Pandemic, Research Shows

South Africa’s eCommerce industry is booming retailers were forced to take their operations online due to lockdown and safety restrictions. Now, with lockdown restrictions easing, the temptation is to throttle back on online efforts and go back to the...

How COVID-19 has Influenced Online Shopping Habits

All things considered, it’s no surprise that eCommerce has fundamentally changed over the past few months. The COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged consumers to switch to online shopping and contactless payment alternatives to abide with social distancing practices and lockdown...
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Latest News

A New Extended Partnership for Managing People and Money

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has partnered with Workday, a provider of solutions for managing people and money. The partnership aims...
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