Monday, May 20, 2024
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E-Commerce Adoption

The African Millennial Population Can’t Get Enough of Bitcoin

When the pioneering cryptocurrency Bitcoin came on the scene, many people assumed the currency would be the most relevant for the people in the developed world. However, African millennials, are rapidly upending stereotypes about Bitcoin adopters. Why Bitcoin Is So...

SA’s E-Commerce Surge to Benefit Small, Indie Retailers the Most

South African consumers are heading online in greater numbers as the e-commerce shopping experience increasingly offers more choice and convenience than can be found at traditional big-brand, brick-and-mortar retailers, says Mike Farquharson, MD of online courier aggregator Rush. Statista market...
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Latest News

African Fintech Giant Ranked as Fastest-Growing

The world’s leading financial publication confirmed Moniepoint’s accolade in its annual “Africa’s Fastest Growing Companies” survey, released yesterday. It...
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