Friday, June 14, 2024
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Drummond Simpson

SA falls in global cloud computing policies ranking

In a first-ever analysis of the shifting international policy landscape for cloud computing, a new study ranks South Africa 20th out of 24 leading IT economies, a sign of erosion from its starting position of 18 only a year...

Unlicensed software costs SA business over R5 million in 2012

Companies throughout South Africa continue to act negligently when it comes to software licensing.  This follows on the heels of the rising figures released by BSA | The Software Alliance which reveal that unlicensed software has cost South African...

Software piracy in SA cost over R4bn in 2011

57percent of computer users  globally admit they have acquired pirated software, the Business Software Alliance (BSA) reported today in the 2011 BSA Global Software Piracy Study. Some users say they pirate all or most of the time. Others say they...
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Unpacking TECNO’s New SPARK 20P Smartphone: Available in SA

Having sufficient storage space on your smartphone is crucial in today's world, particularly with photos, videos, apps, and games...
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