Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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Digital Transformation Framework

Remote Work Highlights the Real Problems with Paper-Based Processes

Despite the rapid move towards remote work during the pandemic, even COVID-19 hasn’t been able to kill off paper in the enterprise. The result is that most businesses are facing the twin challenges of ensuring that remote employees manage hardcopy...

Cybersecurity Should Be a Top Priority for Africa’s Digital Transformation

Cloud adoption in South Africa and many other African countries is accelerating, helped along by the COVID-19 workplace disruption, and the need to reduce costs, manage risk and scale, and become more competitive. There are many drivers behind digital transformation...

Blue Prism’s Greg Newton on the Digitalisation of Customer Experience

Blue Prism is a global leader in intelligent enterprise automation. The company says it can transform the way work is done and accelerate the operational efficiency of organisations by "...making it easy for your people to automate the processes...
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Latest News

‘Industry Consolidation Benefits the Sector and Country’-MTN

MTN believes that investing in South Africa's fiber network infrastructure is positive. Additionally, the consolidation of the industry is...
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