Thursday, July 18, 2024
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digital initiatives

CIOs need to expand their mindset-Gartner

According to Gartner, the CIO must be the culture change agent to enhance digital dexterity as a competency that applies to individuals, teams and the organisation as a whole. Helen Poitevin, research vice president at Gartner revealed at the Gartner...

New SAP Study Shows Growth Depends on Digital Skills Investment

According to new survey results released by SAP SE, business leaders who have completed digital transformation projects across their entire organisation report significant increases in employee engagement compared to those with more limited initiatives. 64 percent of executives with broad-ranging...

Opinion: Embracing a mobile ERP world

The popular IT vernacular of last year – cloud computing, big data, and virtualisation – has been replaced with the likes of mobility and digital transformation. And yet, the building blocks of enterprise resource planning (ERP) remain integral to...
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Latest News

Novus Holdings Invests R55 Million in AI Innovation Company

Novus Holdings has invested R55 million in Bytefuse, an AI company, to enhance its enterprise-scale solutions. Maski, an AI-powered tutoring...
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