Friday, April 12, 2024
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Kenya Gets Sixth Submarine Internet Cable Worth $400-Million

On Tuesday, Kenya launched its sixth submarine internet cable worth $400-million to offer high speed, lower latency, and broader bandwidth. According to Business Daily, the cable will connect Africa to France and Pakistan through the Europe-Asia route, providing direct connectivity...

84% of Kenyans Say Digital Devices Improve their Livelihoods – Survey

Digital devices and services have improved the daily lives of 84% of Kenyans – while nearly one third said that it had boosted their incomes. These are among the key findings of a unique cross-country survey that provides a comprehensive...
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New Cyber Threats Emerge: Most Wanted Malware in Africa

Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd. has released the Global Threat Index for March 2024. Recent investigations have unveiled cybercriminals'...
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