Saturday, June 22, 2024
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data and analytics

Rystad Energy & ECP Renew their Partnership

Energy Capital & Power (ECP) has announced that it has renewed its strategic partnership agreement with energy knowledge provider, Rystad Energy. Following a successful, mutually beneficial relationship over the past year, the renewal is set to further improve Rystad Energy’s...

Bots can skew your analytics… Is your data lying

Data and analytics are increasingly important tools that help businesses decide where to invest and develop, with one example of this being UPS, which has used data/analytics to save up to $400 million every year through optimising delivery routes. “While...

Data cannot work in isolation of analytics

The proliferation of connected devices has resulted in the exponential increase of real-time data. But data on its own means very little if proper analytics does not take place. Frank Rizzo, data and analytics leader for KPMG South Africa,...
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Why is AI Risk Management Essential for Your Business?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly becoming embedded in our everyday lives, from the apps we use, to search engines,...
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