Friday, July 12, 2024
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cybersecurity technologies

How to Be Safe From the “Reset Password” Email Scam

Most online services have built-in security systems that alert employees when the systems detect “unusual” activity on their accounts. For example, legitimate email services or similar will send notifications about attempts to reset the phone number and e-mail address linked...

Cybersecurity: a Key Enabler of Sustainable Business Growth

Organisations across the globe have had to significantly pick up the pace of their digital transformation push to ensure business continuity in the new era shaped by the global pandemic. However, the adoption of these rushed strategies has left...

Great cybersecurity technologies need great people

As chief technology officer, my primary mandate is to develop technologies to help our enterprise customers improve their security postures. As we cross our 300-patent milestone after 16 years in the business, I am encouraged by the good progress...
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Worried about your password getting leaked? How to stay safe?

A massive security breach, RockYou2024, has leaked nearly 10 billion unique passwords from decades of data breaches, potentially allowing...
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