Friday, March 1, 2024
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Cybersecurity Spend

Is South Africa a Playground for Cybercriminals?

The Attacks From All Angles 2021 Mid-year Cybersecurity Report by Trend Micro highlighted a 47% year-on-year increase in email threats as well as malicious files and URLs in the first quarter of 2021 globally. South Africa’s technology landscape is almost...

Cybersecurity will Remain a Priority Despite Reduced IT Budgets, Research Shows

Cybersecurity remains a priority for investment among businesses, according to a Kaspersky report. Its share of IT spending has grown from 23% in 2019 to 26% in 2020 for SMBs, and from 26% to 29% for enterprises. 71% of...
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Introducing Veeam Data Cloud

Veeam® Software introduces Veeam Data Cloud, a new solution built on Microsoft Azure, blending the reliability of the top...
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