Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Cybersecurity Awareness Across South Africa

Research Shows an Increase in Ransomware Attacks on South African Companies

South Africa is firmly in the sights of international cybercrime syndicates, who have been ramping up their attacks on local companies in the past six months - reveals cybersecurity defence, offence and protection specialist, Nclose. ‎ Martin Potgieter, Co-Founder of...

Massive Rise in Cybersecurity Awareness Across Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa

Nearly two thirds (66%) of remote workers in Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa say they are more conscious of their organisation’s cybersecurity policies since the lockdown began – according to a new study from Trend Micro. However, it might be...
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Latest News

ISPA’s Effective Mediation Process and Trust

Around 90% of disputes filed with ISPA- Internet Service Providers' Association by South African internet consumers find resolution through...
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