Saturday, July 13, 2024
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What to do when Cyberbullying Lurks?

Digital technology has become integral to the lives of older children and teens, influencing their education, information seeking, and social connections. However, the escalating use of social media and smartphones brings the risk of cyberbullying. TCL offers advice on addressing...

Combat Cyberbullying with Kaspersky’s Top 10 tips

Kaspersky is a company dedicated to safeguarding individuals and businesses from online threats. With a wealth of experience in cybersecurity and digital privacy since their establishment in 1997, their primary objective is to develop innovative solutions and services that...

How to help victims of online cyberbullying

Cyberbullying, which is bullying that takes place using digital technology, has become a serious issue including within Africa. The consequences can be serious: children become withdrawn and secretive, their schoolwork suffers and they may become aggressive, depressed or even...
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Huawei’s IP Service Partner of the Year: Africa Connect 2024

In2IT Technologies, a prominent global IT services and consulting firm focused on providing IT Consultancy, Application Development and Maintenance,...
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