Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Cyber Security Awareness Month

4 Tips to Securing your Safety while Shopping Online

With the start of lockdown in South Africa now over six months ago, certain behavioural and shopping trends have started to become clear. The extreme regulations necessary in Level 5 significantly contributed to an increased uptake in online shopping,...

10 smart home cyber security tips for “Hacktober”

From laptop computers to off-the-shelf devices, the cyber vulnerabilities keep multiplying as homes and offices incorporate more internet-connected devices. According to cyber researchers at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Cyber Security Awareness Month is an excellent time to make...

88% of Nigerians want laws against cyber attacks

Centrex Ethical Lab, a Nigerian Cyber security firm, carried out a survey on Nigeria’s Internet Users during Cyber Security Awareness Month in September 2013 in collaboration with eCore Techno Solutions India, TechTelling Nigeria - focused on improving online safety...
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Latest News

Top 5 Gadgets that were highly Expected in 2024

The following are 2024 top 5 gadgets that are/ were highly expected according to Menstuff. 1. LG’s see-through Signature OLED...
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