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  • Ethereum Classic Network targeted in 51% attack

    Ethereum Classic targeted in attack costing nearly $1.1M

    January 9, 2019 • General, SecurityComments Off on Ethereum Classic targeted in attack costing nearly $1.1M

    Almost $1.1M worth of the Ethereum Classic digital currency has been stolen in an attack on the Ethereum Classic Network. According to a report by ARS Technica, the attack was carried out by means of a compute-intensive hack that rewrote its blockchain,...

  • Bitcoin: Mining for Answers

    Bitcoin: Mining for Answers

    September 4, 2018 • General, Southern AfricaComments Off on Bitcoin: Mining for Answers

    By now, most people know what Bitcoin, or cryptocurrency, is. Some have even bought and sold a few and more impressively, some have found out how to turn cryptocurrencies into a business. Then, there are the “miners”. Following a process that involves no...