Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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credit card fraud

Cyber-security needs to move from hopeful attempts at outright prevention

The recent high-profile credit card fraud suffered by one of South Africa’s major banks, which netted hundreds of millions of rand, has once again thrust cyber-security into the spotlight. In the modern digital world, the threat landscape is rapidly escalating,...

Credit card fraud statistics for SA remain a concern

Card fraud statistics show a significant reduction in fraud likely due to the introduction of richer technology and payment solutions. Credit card fraud statistics for South Africa in the banking sector remain a cause for concern according to figures released...

Secure payment processes are essential for minimising credit card fraud

As the Internet of Things (IoT) connects more and more devices, the potential for hacking, theft of sensitive information and other cyber-crimes extends to an ever-increasing numbers of devices. The reality is that cyber-crime pays, and the individuals and...
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How to Protect Children Online: 9 Tips for Parents & Teachers

South Africa's youth and young adults are now navigating a new digital landscape that exposes them to predators, offensive...
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