Monday, July 22, 2024
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COVID-19 Impact

Energy Leaders Give Insight on the Future of Kenya’s Oil and Gas Transition

Kenya’s oil and gas industry is in a state of transition, as its major oil and gas development — Blocks 10BB and 13T in Turkana — has been put on hold, with Tullow Oil submitting a notice of force...

Moving to Cloud Could Be a Crucial Business Response to COVID-19

The current lockdown is testing the ability of businesses to adapt quickly to changing market conditions. Companies that have embraced more digital ways of working have been far less impacted. Several slower respondents are turning their focus away from...
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Latest News

Crime Combating Cams Make a Difference in SA Metros

Vumacam’s CCTV cameras and technology have been instrumental in assisting law enforcement and private security in combating crime in...
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