Saturday, June 15, 2024
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cost cutting

Three important technologies to slash manufacturing input costs

Local manufacturing firms continue to face blustering headwinds – from heightened global competition from the likes of China and India, to sluggish demand and macroeconomic conditions, to critical skills shortages and labour issues. But technology can help to relieve one...

Five steps to smarter cost cutting

While most businesses are beginning the recovery process after the recent economic turmoil, cost reduction and cost cutting remains a vital business practice, says Steven Woods, South African Country President at Compass Management Consulting. The ability to make smart...

Ernst & Young says cutting IT budgets could be costly

Professional service firm Ernst & Young has warned companies to take care in cutting their Information Technology (IT) budgets, at a time when economic conditions force many companies to curtail spending just to survive. Says Marius van den Berg, Director...
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Why is Closing The Cybersecurity Gender Gap Critical?

2024 signifies a seminal moment in South African history. Not only does it mark three decades since the first...
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