Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Coronavirus Remote Work

Remote teams, the new HQ and virtual company culture: the future of hybrid work

In May 2021, alongside other business leaders, IWG’s CEO Mark Dixon makes his predictions for the future of work in late 2021 and beyond What will ‘going to work’ look like, post-pandemic? At The Economist’s virtual roundtable, IWG’s CEO and Founder...

How Using Cloud Can Increase Security for Remote Working During the Pandemic

The cloud can enable organisations to quickly scale out enhanced security to a suddenly remote workforce, as part of efforts to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery - this is according to Patrick Grillo, Senior Director and Solutions Marketing...
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How Are Smart Contracts Transforming Financial Transactions?

In the dynamic landscape of financial technology, smart contracts emerge as a transformative force. These self-executing contracts, with terms...
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