Friday, July 12, 2024
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EDGE Computing: What It Means for the Future of the Cloud

Edge computing is rightly being hailed as the cloud’s silver lining. It is a force multiplier that has triggered a step-change in the performance and scope of the abilities of distributed sensing, computing and action. In short, it brings...

Harness the benefits of AI to benefit your business tomorrow – and today

Job loss. Depersonalisation. Irrelevance to certain industries. When it comes to discussions around the impact of AI (artificial intelligence) and automation on business, the popular narrative tends to be negative. Forward-thinking company owners and decision-makers should brush off these concerns,...

The advantages of cloud application control

Since the turn of the millennium, the web security market has become dominated by large vendors and has seen no real product development. Often, brand design has been made a priority over the development of new functionality. The result has...
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Worried about your password getting leaked? How to stay safe?

A massive security breach, RockYou2024, has leaked nearly 10 billion unique passwords from decades of data breaches, potentially allowing...
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