Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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cloud deployment

Navigating Change in Africa with Oracle Cloud

As IT leaders shift their focus toward digital transformation initiatives, the need for a different type of cloud emerges. A cloud that’s easier to use, more cost-effective to own, and simpler to manage. Oracle Cloud is the first cloud designed...

Choosing the right business management system could be tricky

Selecting a business management (ERP) system is a decision that will affect any business for many years. Most products offer the same or similar features and it could be extremely confusing to decide what features are important or not....

VMware software integrated with HP Infrastructure

HP announced enhanced integration of new VMware software within HP’s Converged Infrastructure, delivering industry-first capabilities that will accelerate the path to an open, hybrid cloud environment for customers. “Enterprises don’t want cloud deployments that require rip-and-replace efforts, but rather want...
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Latest News

Innovative AI Partnership Transforms Healthcare Technology

BroadReach Group and BAO Systems- a US-based health IT organization, have signed a collaboration agreement that will expand how...
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