Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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Cisco Connect 2019

Cisco Connect 2019 offers insights into the future with intuitive IT

The 2019 Cisco Connect conference which took place in Sun City was attended by IT professionals on the continent and presented delegates with insights into cutting edge innovations, discussions with Cisco leadership and the latest IT industry trends. Under the...

Cisco Connect 2019: Cisco tackles unemployment in Africa

Cisco held the first Sub-Saharan Africa Cisco Connect on 19 to 21 May at Sun City, South Africa. During the keynote address, the company detailed its commitment to the digitization of Africa’s communities, businesses, and governments through several initiatives...

Cisco Connect 2019 kicks off in South Africa

Cisco Connect 2019 kicked off with connected women in tech session on Sunday, 19 May at Sun City, South Africa. Sponsored by IN2IT Technologies the session looked at the role of women in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and how Industry...
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Latest News

Unlocking Cybersecurity: Veeam’s Ian Engelbrecht on Public Sector Cyber Defense

In today's rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape, the public sector faces unique challenges in safeguarding its infrastructure and data. Unlike...
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