Thursday, February 22, 2024
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Chatting with Microsoft teams

Partner-driven cloud communications for Africa

In no industry is the power of partnerships more evident than in the channel. Vendors, distributors, and resellers combine to form an essential value chain that delivers innovative products to end customers, whether consumers or businesses. But it is...

Microsoft Teams Now Available for Personal Use

Microsoft has launched the personal version of Microsoft Teams, as a part of a broader effort by Microsoft to remain relevant with its consumers after a series of moves away from consumer-friendly products. The company is adding new features to...

How to Use Microsoft Teams in 4 Quick Steps

Microsoft Teams has exploded in popularity since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent remote work exodus. Hundreds of thousands of people have brought their offices home with them, and with that, they've turned to Microsoft Teams. The platform...
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Enhancing IoT Security with a Cyber Immune Solution

Internet of Things (IoT) devices, ranging from wearables to smart home appliances, are increasingly targeted by cybercriminals for...
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