Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Unpacking the Cat S42 – the “First Anti-Bacterial Phone”

Mobile phones are handled and pressed to our faces on a daily basis, meaning that any bacteria or other microorganisms can easily transfer back and forth between the hard surfaces of your phone and your skin. Research shows that our...

Cat Unveils New S62 Pro Smartphone

Cat has launched its new S62 Pro smartphone which is expected to be a game-changer for more demanding work environments, such as engineering, mining, manufacture, agriculture and wildlife. Compared with its predecessor, it is 12% more compact, with a 10%...

Cat Phones introduces its latest rugged phone

Cat Phones announced on Friday. 7 February that it has launched the Cat S52 - a slim and sleek rugged phone. According to the company, the S52 "defies user expectations of what a rugged phone looks like, combining military-grade...
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R500 Million to Expand Broadband in Townships & Rural Areas

This financial year, Vodacom Eastern Cape plans to invest R500 million as part of its larger digital inclusion strategy...
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