Friday, July 12, 2024
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business management

Useful Tips On How To Efficiently Keep Track Of Your Business Finances

Finances are always a concern in every business. Making money, spending money, saving money, and investing money are problems all businesses face. But, another big issue that is common to any organization is keeping track of its finances. Keeping track...

Create the right skills to offer software services

In terms of software service delivery, the most expedient way to achieve operational efficiency is to implement a balanced mix of IT skills and domain knowledge. This is the view expressed by executive management at Accsys, a national supplier of...

Accsys celebrates 30 years in business

Management at Accsys has toasted the company’s 30th year in operation with the release of new software including Accsys PeopleWare 11 (an upgrade of Accsys PeopleWare 7), Accsys PeopleCloud – the Software as a Service cloud-based HR and payroll...
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Huawei’s IP Service Partner of the Year: Africa Connect 2024

In2IT Technologies, a prominent global IT services and consulting firm focused on providing IT Consultancy, Application Development and Maintenance,...
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