Friday, July 12, 2024
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British Telecommunications

Cybersecurity: Africa’s SEACOM Joins Forces with British Telecommunications

African cable system firm SEACOM and British Telecommunications (BT) today announced a strategic partnership which will provide SEACOM with BT cybersecurity systems in order to further secure its own infrastructure and deliver new networking, security and communications solutions to...

Artificial intelligence – threat or saviour?

Most new technologies tend to see people react with scepticism, suspicion and fear, with some even becoming alarmist and broadcasting extreme negative scenarios up to and including some pending cataclysm. And this has certainly been the case for Artificial...
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Latest News

Worried about your password getting leaked? How to stay safe?

A massive security breach, RockYou2024, has leaked nearly 10 billion unique passwords from decades of data breaches, potentially allowing...
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