Friday, April 12, 2024
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Bolt Food Delivery kenya

Bolt Kenya Launches Food Delivery Service to Rival Uber Eats

Bolt has officially launched a new food delivery service in Kenya after announcing this plan in 2020. So far the service - which aims to give users access to restaurants and menus from the palm of their hands - has...

Bolt to Introduce Food Delivery Service in Kenya

Ride-hailing service, Bolt has announced that it is looking at introducing a food delivery service in Kenya. “We’re already present in 30+ markets across Europe and Africa. Now, it’s time for us to bring the know-how around building a mobility...
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New Cyber Threats Emerge: Most Wanted Malware in Africa

Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd. has released the Global Threat Index for March 2024. Recent investigations have unveiled cybercriminals'...
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