Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Black Lives Matter Movement

IBM Calls it Quits on Facial Recognition Technology

IBM has announced that it will cease developing and researching facial recognition or analysis software and, on top of that, it will no longer offer the technology for general-purposes. This is part of the company's mission to advance racial equality in...

YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Pledge Support for Blackout Tuesday

YouTube Music, Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Music have all pledged in support of Blackout Tuesday - a campaign calling for the music industry to put normal day-to-day operations on 'pause' and "and instead spend time reflecting on how...

Sony Delays PS5 Reveal Event

Sony has announced that it has decided to postpone the PlayStation 5 reveal event, originally scheduled for 4 June. The company has decided to postpone the event and the new generation console's reveal as rioting and civil unrest continues in...
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Latest News

A New Extended Partnership for Managing People and Money

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has partnered with Workday, a provider of solutions for managing people and money. The partnership aims...
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