Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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Biometric authentication

Airport Security: Inside SITA’s Biometric Technology

For anyone frustrated by the never-ending need to produce travel documents, passports, boarding cards, declarations, and approvals at multiple checkpoints along the air travel journey, then biometrics is the answer. Fortunately, it is also the future. Until now, many borders...

Liveness Detection Possible Biometric Solution for Banks

With the proliferation of generative AI tools, criminals are now creating highly sophisticated synthetic imagery and launching digital injection attacks that have seen face swaps grow 295% and digital injections rise by 149% in the last year. Unlike presentation attacks, digital injections see...

Top 5 Cyber Security Technologies to Combat Identity Theft in Kenya

Identity theft is becoming a major threat, not only to institutions and corporations but to individuals. Identity theft has led to major fraud cases where individuals have been swindled out of millions. According to reports, people are becoming increasingly...
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Advancing Financial Management and Operational Excellence

One of the primary objectives of a company's Chief Financial Officer is to ensure that audits throughout the business...
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