Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Angela Meadon

Innovation in mind: The changing role of the CIO

In any large organisation you are likely to find someone in charge of the Information Technology; this is the Chief Information Officer (CIO). In the past, the CIO’s function was to “keep the lights on”, but the rapid rate...

Windows IE9, born handicapped

Microsoft has officially launched its new Internet Explorer 9 (IE9). Despite being newly hatched, IE9 has already met with serious criticism. Microsoft is marketing IE9 as a fast, secure and beautiful browser for the "prosumer" who wants to experience the best...

Twitter: Is Julius Malema right?

In November 2010, South Africans collectively guffawed at the ANC YL leader Julius Malema and his statements about twitter. Malema was being impersonated on the popular social media tool and he felt that his complaints were not being addressed...
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Youth Month Centre Tour 2024: Harambee

In honor of Youth Month, Harambee is excited to host a media tour at their center in Johannesburg, South...
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