Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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Airtel Network Limited

Airtel inks Tramigo partnership in Sub-Saharan Africa

Tramigo has announced a new partnership with Airtel for the Congo Brazzaville market. The partnership is intended to offer real time vehicle tracking to Airtel Congo Brazzaville customers. Arto Tiitinen, Tramigo CEO, comments: "Our partnership with Airtel Congo Brazzaville offers...

Nigeria could disconnect Zoom Mobile

Nigeria’s Zoom Mobile, a CDMA network operator, has been issued with a disconnection notice through the Nigerian Communications Commission for its unpaid debts in interconnection fees to five other mobile operators. “At the expiration of the 21-day notice, five operators...
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Partnership to Enable Facilitation of eCommerce Transactions

Network International, the facilitator of digital commerce across the Middle East and Africa, has expanded its collaboration with J.P....
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