Sunday, June 23, 2024
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ExecuJet adds PC-24 to Africa fleet

ExecuJet is expanding its Super Versatile Jet capabilities across Africa with the addition of a second Pilatus PC-24 to its managed fleet. ExecuJet is the first aviation company to manage and operate the PC-24 in Africa in 2018. The...

Airbus Connected Experience brings IoT into the aircraft cabin

Airbus has decided to proceed with an IoT Platform for the Cabin, known as the Airbus Connected Experience. Up to now, this has been a concept study, which is ‘coming to life’ following cooperation agreements signed with three best-in-class partners:...

Zephyr S set to break aircraft world endurance record

Zephyr S, Airbus’ High-Altitude-Pseudo-Satellite, has surpassed the current flight endurance record of an aircraft without refueling of 14 days, 22 minutes and 8 seconds and continues to pioneer the stratosphere. The Zephyr aircraft departed for its maiden flight from Arizona,...
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5 Tech Trends Redefining Nigeria’s Digital Landscape

In the heart of Africa's burgeoning tech ecosystem, Nigeria, often referred to as the "Giant of Africa," is not...
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